Angels & Demons at Play live @ La Esquina 2​/​27​/​11

by Patrick Alonzo Conway/Syncretica

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All texts written by Le Sony’r Ra taken from “THE IMMEASURABLE EQUATION” 1st Recitation I L L U M I N A T E S Sound Radiates Illuminates Articulates the symbol of ....... On what it radiates It is; On what it illuminates It casts the touch of fire. TWIN VIBRATIONS These images are twins They draw, they sketch, They figure, they blueprint Vibrations Sound both heard and unheard Vibrations both seen and unseen Infinite presence Deep highway rays of communication With/to the All universe Even it’s unknown duality phases If it is to see, to be, to know: The Vibration will let you know The Vibration will let you see The Vibration will let you be The Vibration will let you be
2nd Recitation “THE OTHER OTHERNESS” When one understands through feeling There is no gravity geo-captivity Communication-point. Through the earth-ego-involvement desire, Thus the supervised state of distances, And earth-bound limitations Are no longer valid. The celestial spirit master dwells Above and within.... For we who are know we are to is... To be and am We be am To beam-syncronize Within its energy-rays.... To rise above The Revoluted-eternity...... To feel our worthless pricelessness Invaluable rare celestial touch To reach A Separate onliness to own and on . The onness movement out To behold kindred otherness Cosmo-mysteries Of an other otherness That is not like to or of Their themness If they are of a non-similarity Vibration-intensity. PROPHECY Advancements will be made But it is to be of other dimensions These advancements are beyond the measured. They are advancement It is outside as advancement always is. the eternity/cycle/age code is circle return again according to the record Repetition of the mirror existence Yes, outside of the shadow world Advancement shall be made With giant strides And lightning comprehension Potential realization.
Closing Recitation THE SHADOW OF THE FIRE The vibrations of the sounds seem the same But the meanings of the sounds Take separate directions At the crossroads Of the cosmic point of the arrow ......................................................................... Beyond this age Through the darkness of the light years And the light years of the darkness Is the pure light of the pure darkness And the pure darkness of the pure light The light is as the darkness Because the light is the image And the shadow of the fire.


"Angels & Demons at Play" is an interdisciplinary work involving dance, shadow puppets, electronic visual media and live music provided by members of Gamelan Genta Kasturi. The focus of this piece is the exploration of the interplay of positive and negative energetic forces using the vehicle of traditional Balinese dance drama, masked dance and shadow puppet theater as points of departure for the collaborators to create an original multi-media work.

To view videos of a this performance, visit:

The Collaborative Partners
Choreography | Penelope Hearne, Kalen Compernolle, Tuesday Faust
Costumes | Bryan Brock, Krystal Jolicoeur, Brie Blakeman, Tracie Davis
Music | Patrick Alonzo Conway, Sun Ra
Electronic Visual Media | Dwight Frizzell, Emily Kissner
Shadow Puppets | Allan Winkler
Lighting Design | Rachael Shair
Poetry | Sun Ra excerpts from "The Immeasurable Equation"

Live music
Gamelan Genta Kasturi with special guests Dwight Frizzell and Shawn Hansen

Penelope Hearne, Kalen Compernolle, Tuesday Faust, Katie Brennan,
Brie Blakeman, Tracie Davis

The City in Motion Apprentice Company | Lilly McGonigle, Amber Brownlee, Leah Brownlee, Lydia Knopp, Dominique Vaughan, Sierra Laing, Julia Badji,
Nakysha Osadchey, Greer Madole, Madeline Cozad, Marina Vianello,
Guthrie Kimball

From a performance 2/27/2011 at La Esquina in KCMO presented through the Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project


released March 25, 2020

cover art by Alan Winkler


all rights reserved



Patrick Alonzo Conway/Syncretica Kansas City, Missouri

Patrick Alonzo Conway is a percussionist, wind player and composer. He has studied with noted master drummers from around the world and has traveled to Cuba and Bali to study. Pat holds a Masters in Music Composition from the UMKC Conservatory, was a founding member of newEar and works with Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo 7, Matt Hopper's Agora Peoples Liberation Big Band of Greater KC, and BCR. ... more

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